“If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Mother Teresa

In April, the Class of 87 launched the Russell Adams Scholarship. Their target is to raise funds to secure a full scholarship, in perpetuity for children from Heathfield Primary School.

The children at this small school are well supported by dedicated staff who do their utmost, with limited resources to ensure that the children who attend their school, (mostly from the Cape Flats and surrounding areas) are given a safe space to grow and develop. These children are armed with the tools required for high school but this is where the system once again fails them with limited high schools which can complete the journey that Heathfield Primary begins.

I came across
THIS must see 4 minute video yesterday; a brutal reminder of why we run the Hamilton Mvelase Bursary programme and why in South Africa of all countries, it is so crucial to provide children with these opportunities. We are not just asking you to assist with educating a child – we are asking you to offer them a lifeline. We cannot help every child but for those we can support, the impact can be enormous.

With this in mind we are EXTREMELY grateful to the extraordinary people who have supported the Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Fund this week.

In addition to their Class Gift (2 bespoke benches to the Heatlie Pavilion in honour of Rev Terry Wilke and Vernon Wood) the Class of 2017 Parents have generously contributed funds to the Bishops Trust to support the Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Fund which will cover a full years school fees for a deserving boy in 2019.

A heartfelt thank you to Dave Collins (1987O) of Dune Engineering, Brent Dyssell (1987K), Dr Sydney Cullis (1960F), as well as a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, for their incredibly generous donations and pledges towards the Russell Adams Scholarship.

We know a programme is impactful when we receive contributions from the staff. Sincere thanks to Peter and Ian Farlam for your generous support to the Class of ‘87s programme.

Should you wish to make a contribution to the Bishops Trust, please click
HERE. (please reference contributions to the Russell Adams Scholarship with Name/RA87).

For more information please visit our website,
https://trust.bishops.org.za/ or contact Nikki Matthews at the Trust Office.


OD Mark Wiley (1974F) is part of the organising committee for this celebratory event. ODs are welcome to join the OD contingent that will be representing Bishops at this event. Reg Hands (1968F) will also be joining us in celebrating his ancestry. Please view the invitation HERE and RSVP to [email protected]


Michael Watermeyer Thank-You Lunch
On Monday the 7th of May, a lunch was held at the Mitre in order to give thanks to Michael Watermeyer (1945G) for his wonderful service as Patron to the OD Union. The gathering included friends and colleagues who had worked closely with Michael during his time with us, such as Raymond (OD Union President) and Wendy Ackerman, Guy Pearson (Principal), Mike Bosman (Former Chairman of Council), Les Masterson (Former ODU Chairman), Brian Robertson (Former ODU Chairman), Simon Peile (current Chairman of the College Council), Adam Pike (Current Chairman of the OD Union), WP van Zyl (Secretary of the OD Union), as well as Michael's wife, Shirley.

The OD Union would like to wish Michael a superb birthday today!

YOD Subcommittee Application.
The Young ODs are looking for young, organized and enthusiastic ODs to join their subcommittee. You will be required to attend strategic ODU meetings to contribute, plan and host YOD events at the Mitre. If you are interested, please email your CV and a one-page motivation letter to Mnotho Makhoba ([email protected]), with the subject line: YOD Subcommittee Application.

The Old Diocesan
Find out about ODs shaking up the world in economics, investing, the South African wine industry, mezcal-making and more, click HERE!

To order a free hard copy, please fill out the link HERE!

UK May Newsletter

Notice from our UK Branch Secretary, Nicky Bicket (1974F): "...In this month's Celebrated ODs below, we feature Tuppy Owen-Smith. There is much to read and admire about him below. He was the quintessential Bishops boy and OD. I want to thank John Gardener (G, 1947), former Bishops Rhodes Scholar, teacher and Principal, for his help. John's eulogy to Tuppy is available in the section below too.

I'm pleased that there is now a new range of chain link ODU cufflinks (see below to order) for sale to ODs. This is in response to some of our City Suits wanting to upgrade their boardroom image - but would enhance even the most basic of casual and country wear.

Next week, 20 ODs and wives assemble in Carcassonne on a three day wine and walking tour of the region. June's newsletter will contain the report and some probably very blurred pictures.

It has been a sociable month too and I was pleased to have met up and endangered livers with: Nicholas Olds (O, 2009), Chris Olds (O, 1999), Paul Betts (G, 2000), Miles Maskell (O, 1953), Peter Robinson(S, 1966), Brian Robertson (W, 1979), Dugald Robertson (F, 2010), John Hawinkels (O, 2010), Caelim Parkes (O, 1990), Francis Eliot (F, 1996), Nic Searle (O, 1988) Justin Fish (M, 2012) and Stephen Ryall (F, 2012). The Robertsons were in London for the Marathon in which they acquitted themselves very well.

Lastly, we wish all our ODs who are at British universities, all the best with their exams or dissertations."

To read the May UK Newsletter, click HERE!


The ODU Mentoring Programme continues to flourish. ODs are regularly putting themselves forward as mentors and monthly, younger ones are benefiting. Sometimes the chemistry doesn't work and the mentor-mentee relationship doesn't progress. This is natural and when this happens, mentors and mentees are urged to write to me so I can remedy the situation.

The mentoring relationship on average lasts about three months, but some longer and some for only one meeting/conversation. Mentors are encouraged to stay in contact with their mentees and mentees shouldn't lose touch with their mentors. These are relationships which should be nurtured and cherished. It's what ODs do for each other.

Last month, I had a senior OD living in North America volunteer himself as a mentor saying, "At almost 80 I suppose its a bit late, but I do have experience and insight". I bet he does and such giving back to young ODs is truly appreciated and hopefully will soon he will be called into service.

So - to volunteer as a mentor or request a mentor, please click
HERE. If you would like to find out more about the mentoring programme, please contact Nicky at [email protected]


Rory Sales (1974G), Simon Grose (1977F), Thaheer Mullins (2003W) and Mnotho Makhoba (2013S).
On Thursday evening a lovely investment function was held at The Mitre. All our efforts on building relationships with other alumni bodies started paying off as there were Old Hiltonians and Old Grey Boys present too. To read more, click HERE.


David Hawkins (1966S) and John Gardener (1947G)

David and John paid a visit to The Mitre this week as John came to donate some books to the OD Union and David donated his inherited OD Blazer which belonged to either his father, Bob Hawkins or possibly his grandfather, Clem Currie who captained Villagers RFC. David was down from Durban and is on his way to America in order to complete his around the world motorcycle journey. John is in the process of moving to a new house in the Tokai. We wish them both well with their adventures.

Unathi Diniso (1999G) & Peter Mincher (1964F)
Peter was down from Johannesburg and popped into The Mitre. He was greeted by the ever-enthusiastic new committee member, Unathi Diniso (1999W). Peter bought some OD memorabilia to show off to his Jo'burg friends.

Professor Alastair Price (1999G)
Alastair met with Nicole and WP to initiate the 1999 20-year reunion for next year. ODs from 1999 are encouraged to update their details at the OD Office and to please let their contemporaries know to do so as well. The OD Union also invited Alastair to join a panel discussion in a OD lawyers evening in July (more details to follow soon).


Mad 4 Waves

Cole Barnard (2014B), Grant Soll (2014W), Lee Gordon (2014M), and Matthew Boynton (2014W): "Team MAD 4 Waves will be taking part in the 2018 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge - an arduous 5 500 km transatlantic row from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. We will be rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off, non-stop, day and night until we reach the finish (around 40-60 days later)! This crossing is known as one of the hardest endurance races on the planet with more people having summited Everest, journeyed the North Pole or ventured into space.

PLEASE like, share and follow our page to follow our training and progress! The more exposure we have, the higher our chances are of gaining sponsorship and getting to the start line!"

To find out more about the challenge, watch the
2016 teaser video.

Website: http://mad4waves.com/
Donations: http://mad4waves.com/donate/
Infographic: https://drive.google.com/…/17DapRLEuAyInGuAVa6CXH5zfm…/view…

Anthony Davies (1956W)

Anthony paid a visit to the Heerenlodgement Cave near Graafwater in Clanwilliam last week Friday. This is the site where many early travellers stopped to carve their names in the stone, and is a unique heritage site in South Africa.

Greg Mills (1979O) Making Africa Work - Continued

"President of Seychelles. He didn't seem convinced by my request to establish an office there..."

"With Presidents Johnson Sirleaf and Obasanjo today in her 'Palava Hut' in Monrovia, along with a Mandela painting"


Ian Macdonald (1991O)
Ian died tragically on Tuesday afternoon (20 February 2018) in a vehicle accident on the N6 south of Bloemfontein. He leaves his wife, Renée, and three children, Joshua, Gabriel and Shiloh.
To read an obituary of Ian by his good friend, Simon Richman, please click

Mervyn Gray (Former Bishops Prep Headmaster)

To read an obituary of Mervyn by Paul Cannon (1954S) please click HERE.

S Giles Wakeling (1962G)

To read an obituary of Giles from his brother, Brian, please click HERE.


Live Commentary: Bishops 19A vs Paul Roos Gimnasium 19A Saturday 12th May 11:30 (Home)

To tune into the live commentary for the 1st XV game against Paul Roos tomorrow, please click HERE

VUSA Rugby Academy Newsletter
Brendan Fogarty (Prep Staff): "Thank you to ODs who attended the Vusa Dinner in March. To read our 2018 First Quarter Newsletter, click HERE "


14th-17th May - UK OD Wine & Walking Tour
ODs and their wives will be led through the scenic paths of the Languedoc all the while drinking the delicious wines of the region. We will be guided by Peter Elliott (1967W) and hosted by Anthony Record MBE (1956S).
HERE (waiting list).

19th May -
Eastern Canada Meeting
Time: 1pm-4pm
Place: Rooftop Lounge, Toronto.
Invite: Click
RSVP: Nic Searle email ([email protected]) or cell: 416 788 7727

24th May -
Birdie-Boys Book Launch
Peter Steyn (1955O) and Vernon Head (1984O) invite ODs to a launch of Kingdom of Daylight (by Peter) and Featherings (by Vernon). Please see invitation HERE. Please RSVP to [email protected]

9th June - (UK) Annual OD vs OT Golf Tournament
Another needle golf match against The Old Tonbridgians at the RAC. We're square at the moment, so everything to play for. Contact Alex Price (2008M) if you want to play.

15th June - (UK) Mandela My Friend
Christo Brand speaks about his relationship as Nelson Mandela's Robben Island guard at a breakfast for ODs (and wives/partners). House of Lords (tbc) is the venue.

2nd August - Greg Mills Book Launch Johannesburg (Villa Arcadia, Hollard)

11th August - (UK) Annual OD vs Old Haileyburians (OHs) Golf Tournament
New on the calendar, our first of hopefully an annual event against the Old Haileyburian Golf Society. We're back at the wonderful RAC Old Course in Surrey from 12 noon.
Contact Alex Price (2008M) if you want to play.

You are invited to attend the launch of the late Rev Terry Wilke’s book, The Bishops Chapels on Thursday 23 August at 18:30 in the Mitre (Raymond Ackerman Centre). The book will be on sale for R200 and drinks and lights snacks will be served. Please respond for catering purposes to [email protected]

25th August - Class of 2008 10 Year Reunion
Class members can contact Marc van Heerden (2008S) at [email protected] for further information.

21st - 23rd September - 1973s' 45th Reunion in the UK

15th December - (UK) Annual Alumni Association Cross-Country
For the third year, intrepid ODs take on the best of the UK alumni cross-country teams. Wimbledon Common is the course (first aid afterwards at The Telegraph). Eton and Winchester are in our crosshairs. James Deane (1990B) is selector, coach, and team disciplinarian.
Register your interest


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For ease of use, we thus include links to the
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Relating to the two minute silence:

"It is due to the women, who have lost and suffered and borne so much, with whom the thought is ever present.
It is due to the children that they know to whom they owe their dear fought freedom.
It is due to the men, and from them, as men.
But far and away, above all else, it is due to those who gave their all, sought no recompense, and with whom we can never re-pay - our Glorious and Immortal Dead."

Sir Percy Fitzpatrick

To read more click

Warm regards

WP, Nicole, & Adam