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2nd March 2018


OD Union News


Thank you!
Our heartfelt thanks to ODU Patron, Michael Watermeyer (1945O) for everything he has done for Bishops as well as for his generous contribution to the 175 Campaign.

We sincerely thank ODU Vice-President, David Carter (1958G) for his kind donation to the Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Fund.

Thank you to Willie and Tanya Simpson for their continued support of the Hmailton Mvelase Extra Term programme.
Every week we thank the wonderful donors who sponsor talented boys who would otherwise not be able to afford a Bishops Education. Are there long term benefits to their generosity? We think so. This week Bulelani Calana, previous recipient of the Hamilton Mvelase Scholarship Fund, shares with us how his journey at Bishops began and where he is today.

Bulelani “Bobz” Calana
Class of 2000 – White House
Proud OD, and Prep Parent


Thanks to Bishops
“The first time I heard of Bishops was in 1995, when I was invited to write the entrance exam under the Hamilton Mvelase Scholarship Fund. Little did I know then, that a few months later I would be starting a journey which would have a hugely positive influence over the rest of my life.

I am currently the General Manager of the Cluver and Jack Cider Company, where we produce a delicious craft apple cider (if I say so myself - lol). Our cider is widely available across South Africa, with a global footprint that is ever growing. Prior to this, I held a number of middle-to-senior management positions at Peninsula Beverages, with my last role being that of Emerging Market Channel Manager. Prior to that I was at J.Melnick and Company, with my last role being National Account Manager.

I have enjoyed tremendous growth in both my life and career, and have always attributed this to my ability to work within a team, a strong sense of discipline as well as strong leadership skills. These traits were nurtured and honed during my time at Bishops, which played a big role in moulding me into the person that I am today. The Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Scheme really helped my family, as we would not have been able to afford the school otherwise. I cannot thank the school, its staff and my benefactor enough for the life-changing opportunity that you afforded me. May you continue to afford to others what you have given me.

Pro fide et Patria.
Kind regards,
Bulelani "


The mentoring programme is one of the invaluable benefits of the OD Union. This is based on the review from ODs that have had the courage to fill in the sign-up form (here) and walk a path with a mentor. This exciting journey is facilitated through our mentorship coordinator, Nicky Bicket (1973F) in the United Kingdom, making it a global initiative. If you would like to find out more about the mentoring programme, please contact Nicky at: [email protected]



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OD Documents
To read the latest AGM documents please click here.

OD Annual Dinner 2018
If you would like to attend the 2018 annual OD Dinner, please click here.

Please note that Kelvin require final numbers by Thursday 8th March. Bookings will therefore close on this day and those who have yet to book and/or pay will not be allowed into the venue, so hurry up and get booking! Seats are selling fast!

Young OD Committee Observer Position
In line with our mandate to incorporate all spheres of the OD diaspora, we have decided to invite another observer onto the committee in the portfolio of 'Young ODs'.
The position requires the coordination of Young OD events as well as contributing at committee meetings quarterly. This position is of particular importance given the recent launch of the YOD Club, which strives to facilitate the interaction between generations of OD's.
The position will be supervised by Michael Mynhardt (2013F) and Mnotho Makhoba (2013S).
If you are interested please email a summarized CV and a motivational paragraph as to why you are applying, along with your details (e-mail address, cell phone number, matric year and house) to [email protected]



The OD Union would like to thank Peter Steyn (1955O) for his wonderful contribution to the Bishops Museum. Peter donated a beautiful Rhodesian Kiaat book shelf.

Micklefield girls school has close links with Bishops, and there are still some ODs such as Brian de Kock (1952O) and Jeremy Lawrence (1952F) who are Micklefield past pupils from years ago when boys were accommodated in the lower grades.
These close links were again displayed this past Saturday when many ODs were seen at the annual Sports Day. Some ODs included: Chris Twycross (1997F), De Villiers Graaff (1988F), James Eedes(1993B), Christian Eedes (1988B), George Turck (1997B), John Dobson (1985K), Jeremy de Kock (1984W), Hilton Eachus (1997K), Richard Thomas (1996O), Duncan de Groot (1989G), Rory Viljoen (1990O), Robert Boers (1991S), Peter van Zyl (1994K), James Swift (1987W), John de Groot (1988G), Steve Burns (1998K), Nicholas Featherstone (2017 Nicole: Please check name spelling and House), Peter Farlam (1987K), Martin Macgregor (1989O), Colin de la Harpe (1984F), and Zameer Harnekar (1998O).
Staff members Greame Klerck, Sean Henchie, Jacky Withers (all College), and Geordie Nolte (Pre-Prep, and Alan Douglas’ daughter) were also seen.
Please see some photos here
For upcoming information on the 90 year celebrations on 24 and 25 March, see here

On a lighter note:
Micklefield is only a primary school, and so the girls are always challenged in choosing an appropriate high school. The OD Secretary, whose daughter also attends Micklefield, had to deal with this question when she recently raised the subject.
In response to the question which high schools the other girls in her class are choosing, she said: “Well, some are going to Herschel, some are going to Rustenburg, and some are going to SACS.”



Ian McDonald (1991O)
A Memorial Service was held for Ian on Tuesday 27 February at Cape Point Vineyard. The OD Office will convey more information once a report becomes available.


Vernon Wood (Past Headmaster of College)
A Memorial Service was held in a packed Connect Church in Meadowridge, on Friday 23 February. Many ODs, Bishops staff, past staff, council members and current pupils were present. Some ODs included Chairman of Council, Simon Peile (1979F), Paul Burton (1984K), Arthur Mngxekeza (1997F), Joseph Linley (2016K), Keith Richardson (1968O),Tim Kuhn (2014G), Julian Dean-Brown (2016O), Matthew Perrot (2016O), Tim Langerman (2016O), and Carolyn Hamilton-Smith. Elizabeth Fullard from the College Council attended. Some College staff included: Graeme Klerk, Lael Rothenburg, David Ledwidge, Peter Westwood, Principal Guy Pearson, Gerry Noel, Trevor Pasquallie, Trust Administrator Nikki Matthews, Yolanda Raman, Olga Peel, Graham Robertson, Jacky Withers, Peter Hyslop, Phil Court, Cheryl Gammon, Cheryl Douglas, Bev Kemball, Dean Sudding, Keith Warne, Burgert Maree, Diane Murray, Bronwyn Gabriels, Cathy Howard, Felicity Clemens, Maree Pearson, Warren Wallace, Trudy Hoefnagels, Linda Koegelenberg, Dave Russell, Sean King, John Lanser, Jenny Campbell and Sue McPetrie
Some Prep staff included: Headmaster Greg Brown, Justin Woolls, Chris Groom, Head of Pre-Prep Sharlene Groom, Bruce Mitchell, Tom Campbell, Greg Shuttleworth, and Rob Riches
Some past staff included: Jannie de Villiers, Andre Jacobs, Marcus Bizony, Wendy van Heerden, and Russell Drury.
Some current pupils included: Nicholas Peile, Headboy Tim Sharples, and Alizwa Ngcwangu.
Please see some photos here


Rev. Terry Wilke
A most beautiful Memorial Service was held at St George’s Cathedral, on Thursday 1 March. The Cathedral was absolutely packed. Everything about the occasion was extremely special, including a wonderful rendition of Psalm 150 by the choir, the sermon by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, and music arranged by ODs Grant McLachlan (1973F) and Stephen Carletti (1983G). Anthony Lister (1973G) paid the tribute to Terry on behalf of the family. Numerous ODs, staff, past staff, and current boys attended the service. In fact, the entire school closed earlier. The OD Union was well represented by Chairman Bruce Jack (1987G), Chairman of Council Simon Peile (1979F), and Vice-Presidents Brian de Kock (1952O) and Les Masterson (1963O). Refreshments were served at The Mitre afterwards.
Terry’s widow, and Marketing Manager at Bishops, Rosemary, had conveyed a message to say how much Terry had enjoyed the ODs. His memory will certainly live on in many ODs who shared some of their absolute highlights of life with Terry in their presence.
For photo of program, please see here


Josh Hawks (1987W)
Josh popped into The Mitre on Thursday 1st March. It was lovely to see his friendly smile again. A good cup of coffee and much laughter was shared between Josh, Mark Mitchell and Stuart Scott.

Josh’s visit included the news that he had to return to Germany earlier than originally planned. He insisted that it had nothing to do with the headline report that appeared in the Cape Times on the same day.



Special Wedding
In 2013 ODs Andrew Shelton (1979) and WP van Zyl (1997K) took part in a relay run from Pretoria to Cape Town in aid of Alzheimer’s awareness. The team ran for 10-days non-stop, and finished off on the 11th day by running the Cape Town Marathon.
A tragic twist to this story was the untimely passing of Andrew on 3 November 2016. The Memorial service was held at St Thomas Church Rondebosch, just outside the Bishops estate, where Andrews’ parents are devoted members.
A positive turn of events, however, was a love spark that developed in the cold Karoo town of Sutherland between a SACS old boy on the team, and the only female participant.
Well, this past weekend the two finally tied the knot. During his speech, the groom specifically thanked OD David Clegg (1964O) for the positive, influential, and exemplary role David had played in his life.
Simon Duffett (1996O) also attended the wedding.
For pictures of the run, David and his wife Jane, and Simon, please click here
The bride has since taken the concept of the cross-country run to the next level, and ODs can follow this exciting initiative where differently abled persons are doing extraordinary feats on ocalglobal.com
And finally, another member of the 2013 run, Sandile Myeki, was so inspired by Bishops, that he did everything possible to try to get his son into the school. With the able assistance of various ODs, Sandile’s dream became a reality, and today his son is a happy Grade 9 School House pupil. Be sure to look out for him in the upcoming rugby season. He is the A-team backline player with an incredible sidestep.


3rd March - Starlight Classics
Venue: Vergelegen Wine Estate
Date: 3rd March
Featuring Richard Cock (1966O) - Conducting
Price: R350 (Including admin fee and donation to the 175 Campaign)
To book your tickets please click here
To find out more about the event click here. Once you have booked we will send you the payment details to confirm your booking.

8th March - 1978 Reunion
8th & 9th March
Contact Mike Bosman (1978O): [email protected]

14th March - Annual OD Union AGM
Please join us for the 2018 OD Union AGM
Date: Wednesday 14th March
Time: 18H00
Venue: Woodlands Pavilion

16th March - 1958 Reunion
16th March
Contact David Carter (1958G): [email protected]

16th March - Founders Day and Founders Week Sports

Please note that the Founders Day programmes will be send out next week

Monday 12 March
Inter-House OD Golf
Venue: King David Mowbray Golf Club
Time: Afternoon tee-offs, starting from 11:39am
Cost: R450
OD Captain: WP van Zyl (1997K), [email protected]

Wednesday 14 March:
Squash: OD Captain: Chris Boyes (1974S), [email protected]

Friday 16 March (Founders Day):
Avenue Mile: OD Captain: Peter Wrensch (1976F), [email protected]
Debating: OD Captain: Anton Taylor (2005B), [email protected]
Shooting: OD Captain: Phil Calothi (1968W), [email protected]
Basketball: OD Captain: Andrew Gowar (2016K), [email protected]
Rowing: OD Captain: Jamie Pike (1998F), [email protected]
Sailing: OD captain: Roger Hudson (1996W), [email protected]
Tennis: OD Captain, Nick Lightbody (1998K), [email protected]
Tug-of-War: OD Captain: Hameer Vanmali (2011K), [email protected]
Waterpolo OD Captain: Sean Flanagan (1999O), [email protected]
1stXI Cricket team: OD Captain: James Crowson (2010F), [email protected]
2nd XI Cricket team: OD Captain: Brin Berold (2007G), [email protected]
3rd XI Cricket team: OD Captain: Phil Calothi (1968W), [email protected]
4th XI Cricket team: OD Captain: Alister Smuts (1990S), [email protected]
5th XI Cricket team: OD Captain: Greg Boyes (1995F), [email protected]
6th XI Cricket team: OD Captain: Roger Codrai (1985W), [email protected]
7th XI Cricket team: OD Captain: Shaun Kark (1999K), [email protected]
1988 Cricket teams: OD Captain: Steve Estcourt (1988F), [email protected]

Please contact the relevant OD Captain for the games you would like to participate in. We trust that the day will reward your commitment to represent the ODs!

The Bishops Prep School will be hosting a carnival on Founders Day from 4-10pm.
Click here for the event flyer.

16th March - 1983 Reunion
15th & 16th March
Contact Neil Brown (1983S): [email protected]

16th March - 1998 Reunion
16th March (Dinner)
Contact Dale Jackson (1998F): 084 491 0471
James Bracher (1998K): 079 139 4287

16 March UK Branch: Founders Day
OD Lunch with Dr Neil Orpen, FRCS (1990W)
The Carlton Club, London

17th March - 1988 Reunion
17th March
Contact John de Groot (1988G): [email protected]

22nd March - VUSA Rugby Academy: Bishops Rugby Outreach Programme
We are looking for ODs to help fill up a table at the exciting event.
Please see here for invitation.

22nd March - 1968 Reunion
22nd March
Contact Phil Calothi (1968W): [email protected]

22nd- 24th March – Graaf-Reinet Proudfoot Golf Tournament.
Date: 22nd – 24th March
Venue: Graaff-Reinet Golf Club
Please see here for more details.
ODs looking for accommodation during the tournament please click here for details.
If there are any ODs who can play in some, or all of the days, then please contact the OD offices ([email protected]) to see if we can’t send along a four-ball or two.

23rd March – Micklefield turns 90
Event - Past Pupils’ cocktail & art exhibition
Date: 23rd March 2018
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Venue: Micklefield School, 81 Sandown Road, Rondebosch, 7700
Please see here for more info.

24th March UK Branch
A tour of Cambridge University and a formal dinner in Magdalene College
Cambridge University

31st March - Old St Stithians 7’s
Date: 31st March Old St. Stithians have invited ODs to play in the curtain raiser before the main match in the Easter Rugby Festival.
Venue: Old St Stithians
Time: 4pm Onwards
ODs keen for a 15-minute run-around please to email us at [email protected] with your full name and the year you Matriculated at Bishops.

3rd – 14th April - The Puppet Man – Conrad Koch (1995K)
Venue: Baxter Theatre
Date: 3rd – 14th April
Book tickets here

Owing to so much OD related news, it is often challenging to report on the wide range of Bishops activities.
For ease of use, we thus include links to the
Bishops Website, the Principal’s Newsletters, and also the UK OD Newsletter.
Please enjoy spending some time reading these, as they are the best means of keeping up to date with Bishops.

Water Saving Tip For The Week

Dry Shampoo - We all know how great it is to have freshly washed, great smelling hair, however, given the water crisis, perhaps prolong the time between washes and whip out some dry shampoo and scented hair spray.

To read more tips on saving water, click here.

Recipe For The Week
Taken from the 1955 Bishops Cookery Book edited by Mrs Mary Kidd

Grilled Chops by Mrs S. M. Ward

Loin of mutton. Remove fat and dip in boiling water to set albumen. Grease bars of hot gridiron, rub chops in a little oil and grill over a hot fire, turning every two or three minutes. Grill about 12 minutes. Never use a fork for turning. Meat should be half an inch thick.

Quote For The Week

Taken from the DC Magazine April 1945 Pg 59 under More War Letters

Major Allan Fish, Air Liason Officer in the U.K. in 1945: "...A short while back I was much regaled to see an old crony in (Capt.) John Molteno, MC. London is still somewhat beset by old missiles. The Science Club may be interested to know that one hears then arriving after they have arrived...."

Warm regards

WP and Nicole