Arthur Mngxekeza (1997F)

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Making a difference Making a difference
The OD Office have had requests to feature more ODs that are making a difference through Outreach work. It is therefore with great pleasure that we share the wonderful work that OD Committee member Arthur Mngxekeza (1997F) is doing in Cape Town. Arthur has featured in the OD news earlier this year, with special mention to the variety of projects that he has been involved in. This feature relates to one of these projects: the Outreach to St. Paul's Primary School, Bo-Kaap.
Arthur transports consumable goods and donations from Bishops Prep to St Paul's. He facilitates the correct distribution of these donations to the right recipients. He is also involved in a building project in collaboration with Bishops Prep and St Paul's for much needed upliftment of their ablution facilities. 
Arthur does all of this, and so much more through his other projects, whilst using his own time, petrol money, and resources. We commend you, Arthur, and praise your worthy example.
There is a very special link between Bishops and St Paul's Primary. St Paul's was founded in 1859 by Rev. Thomas Fothergill Lightfoot. He was working as a printer in England, when he heard a sermon preached by Bishop Robert Gray about his labours in Cape Town. Lightfoot was so moved, that he determined to become a missionary, and subsequently moved to Cape Town. Lawrence Green, in his book Growing Lovely, Growing Old, dedicates an entire chapter to the incredible workings of Rev. Lightfoot at the Cape. Rev. Lightfoot was also involved at Zonnebloem College, and later married a teacher from St Cyprian's - both schools founded by Robert Gray.
Another significant link is that the honour of writing a biography on Rev. Lightfoot was entrusted to an OD - Henry Purefoy Barnett-Clarke.
Rev. Lightfoot is remembered by a memorial behind the flower sellers in Adderley Street, and also by a plaque in the Cape Town City Hall, where Bishops performs the Classic Pops every third year.
If any ODs are in the building industry, and could possibly assist with the ablution upliftments at St Paul's Primary, they are welcome to contact the OD office, and we could put you in touch with Arthur.
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