Rob Ferrandi (1974F) and David Hofmeyr (1969O)

St Michaels Primary School, Harare, Khayelitsha

ODs making a difference ODs making a difference
Rob Ferrandi (1974F) and David Hofmeyr (1969O) made time to visit The Mitre this past week. Rob is on the Anglican Board of Education, started by past Bishops Prep Headmaster, Peter Anderson. Their mandate is to resuscitate the vital supportive and encouraging role between the Anglican Church and Education. David serves as the Treasurer of St Michaels Primary School. Both are very passionate about supporting access to education, especially in Khayelitsha.
If any ODs would like to support Rob and David, they are free to contact the OD Office, and we can make the connection. The needs identified by these ODs are: 1) Supporting a child's fees for one year (R5000 p.a.), 2) Getting involved in building relationships with the school and community, and 3) Assisting the teachers to improve themselves.
We encourage Rob and David in this wonderful endeavour, and trust ODs will support them in their labours.
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