We Remember: Lieut. Dacre Lovett Haddon (1930-39)

06 July 1944

Lieut. Dacre Lovett Haddon (1930-39) Lieut. Dacre Lovett Haddon (1930-39)
On 06 July we remember Lieut. Dacre Lovett Haddon (1930-39).
Haddon was killed in action on 06 July 1944, at the age of 22, in Italy. He was Senior Prefect of Bishops in 1939, and a Rhodes Scholar elect.
The War Memorial Gates at the entrance to Bishops (the Ogilvie Memorial Gateway) was given by his parents in his memory.
At the Dedication of the gates, on Monday 18 November 1946, the Principle, Mr. H.J. Kidd said:
"I hope that you, and generations of those still to come, will read the inscription on the bronze plaque that accompanies these gates. For there beneath the Cross you will read the message of the cause for which these young men died, the cause of freedom. And below you will read the words "In limine", "On the threshold". These words are well written; that those who come and go by these gates in the years to come may pause and remember the sacrifice that is the basis of the Christian faith and life and of Christian education."
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