Prof Tim Noakes (1966W)

Afrikaans rapper includes OD Vice President in hit song

OD in hit musical lyrics OD in hit musical lyrics
It is often reported how ODs are making a difference in the world. One can only gaze in amazement at the far reaching effect that a Bishops education has made on this planet.
This week we feature an OD Vice President, Tim Noakes (1966W), who's promotion of the Low Carb High Fat diet (LCHF), has even had an effect on the Afrikaans music industry.
In his song, Woestersous, top Afrikaans rapper Snotkop, compares his love for someone to his love for condiments and food – woestersous being his favourite.
Amazingly, the diet promoted by Tim has penetrated the subconscious of the tattooed singer, and he acknowledges that he is eating too much. Despite that, he still feels that Tim doesn't really understand, and that he is finished playing games, because his cholesterol count is increased by looking at the physical appearance of others. If that didn't quite make sense to you, then feel free to decipher the Afrikaans lyrics for yourself:
Tim Noakes sê ek eet te veel
Maar ek nie hy verstaan nie nee
Ek het klaar gespeel
Want jou lyfie stoot my cholesterol op
Proe net so lekker soos Jelly Tots

Alan Douglas (past Afrikaans Teacher) might be perplexed by the punctuation, but maybe that is rap for you.
When all is said and sung, it is still good to see that the work done by ODs is making a difference in this world. Well done!

To watch the music video which has had over two million views, click HERE
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